About us

A big hello from Brightly Project Management & Consulting



We are a small IT consultancy practice specialising in the design and management of technology and IT projects of any size.

With a core group of Project and Programme Managers on hand, we also have a wide pool of expert associates we can call upon should the need arise.

We have masses of experience in the world of technology, including infrastructure projects, new build schemes, cloud technologies and Big Data. We’ve done some really great stuff and are very proud of our work and reputation. Please feel free to have a look and see for yourself —–> here

We pride ourselves on a number of principles which are at the centre of our unique approach;

  1. Experienced – we have oodles of experience, having worked on projects for many years. We’ve overseen things from procurement and implementation of newly developed software, all the way up to large scale IT implementations for councils, schools, and retail clients (amongst others)
  2. Independent – we are not affiliated with any other company, reseller or products and so you can be assured we will be working on your behalf to get you the best service, solution and delivery
  3. Our reputation is everything – and we do everything we can to make sure we keep it. We always deliver, and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you are happy. We are extremely proud of our excellent reputation
  4. Keeping it simple – we like to avoid unnecessary complications, and this includes the language we use. We demystify and keep things as simple and clear as possible. We work hard on our communications during projects so that everyone is kept informed
  5. Flexible – we often find that large or small, your project doesn’t demand a Project Manager full time. Our flexible pool of excellent people means that we can flex to meet your needs
  6. Approach – we have our own unique approach to delivery which focuses as much on people as it does the technology. We have our own tools and templates to use and follow which can assure you of success in your project