Agrimetrics is a newly formed not for profit organisation, a joint venture between Rothamsted Research, University of Reading, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and Scotland’s Rural College.

At the core of Agrimetrics is a cutting edge data science and modelling capability based on semantic web technologies. This platform is being developed for the integration, interoperation and modelling of data relevant to the agri-food sector.

Our role was to oversee the Phase 1 Programme, which was made up of 3 workstreams;

(i)              the building of a Linked Data platform by ETL’ing data into a Graphdb store,

(ii)            the development of a web application to query the data and

(iii)           on premise infrastructure at University of Reading for use by Data Scientists to run more complex queries from the gathered datasets

The Phase 1 Programme was an initial 6 month period to act as a proof of concept, to build a Minimal Viable Platform which allowed farmers to query data held in a central repository.

With Phase 1 a huge success, future phases are currently being planned.